The Inside Scoop: Why Powdered Collagen Is Better

The Inside Scoop: Why Powdered Collagen Is Better

Collagen has become a real buzz ingredient when it comes to skincare, hair, and nail care as well as gut and joint health.  It's an abundant protein occurring naturally in our bodies and can be found in our bones, muscles, organs, and skin.

Most of us are familiar with the hype of collagen and how it gives us plump, glowing, smooth skin, long luscious hair, and strong nails. It also prevents our joints from deteriorating, but with so many collagen products out there, how do we know what’s best? Jenni Bean Skin believes that knowledge is power, and we are here to arm you with insights!  

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For collagen to have a chance of having a real effect on your hair, nails, skin, gut, or joints, it would need to be absorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream to have a measurable effect. From the bloodstream, it then moves into the blood vessels and around the body to signal that there is a “wound” that needs repairing, so the fibroblast cells start to “repair” that area of the skin or body. 

Topical collagen ointments may not provide great results because collagen – as a large molecule, will not be absorbed effectively to stimulate collagen production. A collagen cream may provide a plumping effect temporarily but there is not enough evidence to show that it has lasting effects. 

A scoop of Jenni Bean Skin collagen transports more collagen peptides to your body than capsules or topical ointments because you ingest and easily absorb the collagen powder. It's also tasteless and can be added to any food or drink like cereals, coffee, yoghurt, or smoothies. In fact, you can pretty much add it to anything!